AM Insurance - Access to Markets for Insurance - FAQsDo I have to pay the whole premium when I get insurance? What kind of terms does AMI have?
There are several payment options available.  In general, 30% down payment is required with the remaining balance due in 3 equal installments.  Underwriters can give up to six equal installments, if needed.  Extended payment terms are available but require management’s review and approval.  For auto liability insurance, payment in full is required.

What happens if I make a claim and I still have a balance?
Typically, the balance needs to be paid in full when a claim is made.  If the customer is on a payment arrangement, then the customer needs to make sure he/she is up to date with payments so a premium clearance could be given.

I would love to work for AM Insurance, what should I do if there aren’t any openings at the moment?
Always submit an application and resume.  These are kept on file and are referred to when needed.

Do I always have to call the police for auto accidents?
§ 19105. Report of Accident Required.
The driver of every motor vehicle which is in any manner involved in any accident within Guam except on property belonging to such driver, which accident has resulted in damage to the property of another person in excess of $250 or in bodily injury or the death of any person, shall within ten (10) days of such accident report the accident to the office of the Director on a form approved by the Director or to the Guam Police Department. If such operator be physically incapable of making such report, and is not the owner of the motor vehicle involved in such accident, then the owner shall, as soon as he learns of the accident, report the matter to the Director and/or to the Chief of Police of the Guam Police Department.
§ 19106. Penalty.
(a) Any person who willfully fails, refuses or neglects to report any accident as required by Section 19105 shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor.
(b) Any person who operates a motor vehicle in Guam and does not possess the insurance mandated by Sections 19102 and 19104, shall be subject to a mandatory fine of $500. Said fine shall be imposed by the Traffic Division of the Superior Court of Guam.